DevelopIng Your Intuitive Abilities

There are lot of ways we can get in touch with our innate intuitions or gut feelings. Here are some:

Take time each day to get quiet, even if it is just for a few minutes. Step out into the yard, walk in nature, or simply sit in your own company.

Learn to stay “in the moment” as much as possible through the day. Let thoughts about the past and future disappear and focus on the here and now. Paying attention to what is in front of our noses helps us stay open and present.

Practice regularly by yourself or with someone who can laugh with you, with exercises like guessing who is on the phone when it rings, or trying to figure out how much your grocery bill will be when it totals.

Get to know what “yes” feels like and “no” feels like in your body. Use that knowledge to make decisions.

Get to know your symbols. Dreams, meditations and daydreaming can give you vital clues. Keep track of them in a journal.

Get a feel for the energy in your home of work several times through the day. If it doesn’t feel right, move into a centered state and see how it improves.

Act on the intuitive hunches you get. If your car seems to want to go left instead of right, go left.

Be flexible. Your ability to move along with the flow of your life is a measure of your ability to stay aware.

Get creative. Any activity such as writing, drawing or playing music can give you access to an inner state, can be a rich activity to stimulate your senses, your imagination and get you in touch with your inner being.

Practice your spiritual practice regularly. Even if all it entails is a gratitude exercise or bedtime prayer, it still connects you with the divine.

When you are specifically “listening” to your intuition, start from a balanced and centered state and take note of any changes that come along:
- in your physical body ( like a warmth or sudden twinge),
- in your emotional body (like a sudden feeling of anger or liking),
- in your mental state (like a thought that comes out of no-where, a mental image or scene)
- in your spiritual state (like a feeling of one-ness with all around you).

Notice outside changes, (such as a string of co-incidences, a friend spontaneously saying something to you that needed to know or words or symbols that come up repeatedly.) Do not force it. Allow the information to come to you.

Have fun with it. Working with psychic ability is a natural process.